Active Audio PA Hire

We are a professional sound reinforcement operation dedicated to outstanding service using high quality proven components from the industry's main manufacturers. Our aim is be the best local source of PA Hire and lighting in the Perth area, specialising in:-


What Drives Us?

We pride ourselves on a job well done and set very high standards for our service right down to the appearance of our staff, who have all had experience in the hospitality industry and are very "people friendly". We want to deliver appropriate levels of sound reinforcement relevant to the event and the venue. We don’t accept squealing feedback, setup noises, loud microphone "testing" or completely inappropriate background music and these should not play any part in a professional operation.


Services to the entertainment, events and conference industries are all about people skills and an understanding of deadlines, performance issues, flexibility and most importantly, the ability to interpret our client's requests and deliver a better than expected outcome.


If we are fully booked, we recommend Evolution Sound as a worthy alternative.