Active Audio PA Hire


Our systems are all active ensuring complete redundancy and matched outputs. Delivering 10,000 watts to front of house, we can cover an outside audience of 1,000.


We use a mix of brands in sound reinforcement (SR) and recording including:-

Rapid Environment for Audio Production, Engineering and Recording (US software at the cutting edge)

DMXIS lighting controller software (highly flexible)

Station Playlist Studio Pro (DJ software)

Rather than get into "brand wars", our philosophy is to use good equipment that does exactly the job we ask of it on a reliable basis, and not play one-upmanship with brand comparisons or get into over priced gear for the snob value.

By and large, the proper operation of good equipment is invariably the difference between a great, average or lousy outcome for the audience. Ears trained in the finer points of musical distinction overlaid with a very broad experience in voice
reproduction and recording, will always win out over technicians in love with their equipment.